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Basic Event Info

- Anyone can attend.  30 person limit.  A waiting list will be established once our person limit is reached. 

- When: Friday, May 17, 2024 @ 3pm - Sunday, May 19
@ noon 

- Where:  TBD

- Google Map Directions: Click Here 

- Map of  park and campground : Click Here 

- Cost:     (Early bird price) $24
per person (site registration fee + wood + Friday night dinner)

                Refund policy:  If someone takes your spot, you will be refunded your complete amount.  If not, then you are only out $5.

Meal Planning

- Each camper needs to bring their own plate, flatware, cups and beverages.

- Every meal will be family style, not individual.  This means, you and anyone else who signs up for the same meal must coordinate together who is bringing what items, who is cooking it, and the necessary cooking utensils.  If you have special dietary needs and are concerned about family style meals, it's ok.  Karla will work with you so you can eat and also feel included. 

- Please sign up for one meal in addition to Saturday night's Bacon Bite Night.  Three to four people per meal, please fill-in where needed.

- If cooking isn't your "thing" then work with your team so you can help cover the cost of the ingredients.  
- We email each other to work out details of the meal, but free to use the Facebook group page too.

- Suggestions from previous BACONFESTs:  There was SO much food! Bacon Bite Night is really just one bite per person and there was WAY more than that. No one really complained about too much food though. It would be nice to have more fruit and vegetables.   - Many pre-cooked their bacon and meals turned out to be super fast and simple. No one was fighting over grate space (and there was very little to begin with).

- We will eat bacon at every meal.  In order to ensure our bacon happiness, the host has given guidelines for each meal:

Friday night - Host's choice.  This year we will have .....???

Saturday morning - Eggs, bacon, and other tasty breakfast goodies (fruit, muffins, bagels, etc)

Saturday lunch - BLTs & fixings

Saturday dinner - Bacon Bite Night!  This is a chance to show off your bacon talents. This is a small plate tapas meal - think bite sized appetizers. We'd love for you to provide one bite of your dish for everyone in attendance. Please indicate on the Google Registration Form if you are bringing something savory or sweet. We'd hate to only have sweet desserts to eat or none at all.

Sunday breakfast -Pancakes,  Canadian bacon and usually any leftovers from Saturday breakfast or from Bacon Bite night.

Bacon Contest:  After Bacon Bite Night, you will have a chance to vote on your favorite savory bacon bite and your favorite sweet bacon bite. Winners will be announced at Saturday night. 

Group Site Information

- Bring a hammock stand.  There are not enough suitable trees for all of us.  Build one or buy one.  (You'll probably need it for next year's 2025 BACONFEST too).  Plenty of flat areas for tents.

- Back to basics .  No pavillion or electricity.  Bring your pop-up canopy!

- Vault toilets and water are available in the group camp area.

- Parking is limited to 20 cars at the site, but an overflow parking area is available.  We will squeeze in as many cars in our lot as possible.  Please carpool.  

- The group campsite is primarily for tents and hammocks.  We have very limited room for trailers and pop-ups. No electrical outlets available to plug into.  If you have an RV, you can reserve an individual site and join us for all the meals and activities.  You will not need to pay Karla a reservation fee.  Just sign up for the meal planning.
- Quiet Hours are from 11pm - 6 am.  This means our neighbors should not disturb us and we should not disturb our neighbors.

- Pets: Pets must be on a leash no longer than 8 ft and under control at all times. Pets are not allowed in buildings, picnic areas or on beaches or nature trails. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Pets may not be left unattended at any time. Consult park office/bulletin boards for further restrictions.

- Alcohol Policy:  This event has become a family friendly event.  We ask you to drink responsibility and not to the point of intoxication.  If you drink too much and need others to assist you, that is impeding on the fun of others.  That isn't fun for anybody.  If you choose to get drunk, you may be asked to leave and/or potentially be asked to not attend future camping weekends.  A good motto to follow is: drink for taste, not for effects. 

State Park Information

- State park sticker or daily pass required.

- More info on sticker:

Agenda/ Activities (everything is optional for you)

- set up your sleep systems
- tour other's hammock set-ups
-6pm eat dinner & clean up
- enjoy campfire

- 8:15 (ish) breakfast & clean up

- 9:30(ish) leave for pictures and hike

- 12:30 (ish) lunch & clean up
- The afternoon is yours to enjoy.  The sign-up sheet indicates others who are also interested in the same activities you are.  A popular nearby attraction is ......

- For those participating in Bacon Bite Night, participants usually prepare their dish to be ready sometime between 5:46 and 7:08pm.  We nibble and bite through all the entries, clean up, vote, announce winners and then enjoy the campfire.  Feel free to make a sign displaying the name of your dish.

- Breakfast usually starts between 8-8:30 am. You are welcome to stay at the site until 3pm and can leave anytime you wish to enjoy other activities or head home. 

- This event will be cancelled if there is a spring storm so horrible that people shouldn't drive to the event or be camping outside.

- The park staff also have the ability to completely close the park if there is inclement weather. So, pray for warm and sunny!

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